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Dr. Quratulain Message


Dr. Quratulain Bakhteari engaged in the Construction work at IDSP's University of Community development.

Dear Friends,

The zeal of human beings to live, survive and do well, is a great resistance in itself against all powers used for civil society's destruction and disillusionment.

This universal truth we are witnessing with the young vulnerable people of Balochistan in specific and Pakistan in general. While everything seems to be falling, burning, dying , and decaying , IDSP with its young energy and very limited resources keeps creating more and increasingly meaningful learning spaces of respect and dignity , of professional excellence, of connecting needs with resources and most of all taking care of their loved ones in their communities and families. Our young fellows, faculty , graduates and fellows needs to take on these responsibilities increasingly on themselves as non of the state machinery to serve it's people is working.

IDSP's young leaders have created a University of Community of Development. The UCD regional campus is based in Quetta’s beautiful outskirts tucked in its high pecked proud mountains, with a beautiful lake and a seasonal river bed flows in front of it. This natural beauty compensates very meaningfully, for no easy access to UCD campus, no water supply, occasional electricity with no cooking gas. Recently due to UCD's leadership one night guard is appointed by the government.

IDSP is very excited and humbly proud of its unique campus that is created after intensively studying the life and living of tribal and traditional people of Balochistan and Pakistan.

The majority people of Balochistan and Pakistan live in self made mud houses, UCD's hostels, cafeteria, library, IT center, learning and reflecting areas, Academic block, director's residence is constructed by local community professionals of Mud construction.
The community uses recycle used material for its doors and windows, so did IDSP used, used material for the same purpose. Community uses cow dung for cooking, IDSP created bio gas units for cooking.

IDSP introduced Solar and wind energy for electricity, and water heating, a natural concept for community to develop its own energy with nature's resources. IDSP has created a grape vineyard on the slopes of its boarding mountain, and has created drip system of watering.

The campus roofs are used to harvest rain water, the toilets are pit toilets separated by kitchen and bath water, no chemical based detergents will be used, as UCD will use its bath and kitchen water to recycle back in its vegetable growing areas. All waste is recycled in to composting pits for creating our own manure for our cut flowers and fruit trees and vegetable gardens. IDSP’s University of Community Development presents a whole way of life that a self sufficient community can live a well managed and meaningful life.

UCD will base its learning on these principles of community development. The knowledge UCD 's entries campus gives does not need any prior credentials nor UCD needs to give any degrees of its teaching, because it is not teaching , UCD is a learning by practice space , UCD's is not based on expertiesim.

We believe that all human being has Knowledge to live a life and to know how to survive. What is needed is to learn from natural wisdom and regenerate the this natural wisdom in to systems of learning , this process is conceived , implemented , reflected and finally recreated in current world's context without compromising or surrounding the fundamental core of the conception itself.
UCD visualizes that the end outcome of the above SCL will be well integrated and balanced inner self with stronger character, well connected with the families, communities and the universe.

A much more conscious young people with stronger sense of social, economic and political responsibilities.

And this is what is today's needs for Pakistan's youth and young generation now reaching more than 60% of country's population. We all congratulate IDSP for creating, this great learning institution that is intensely rooted in the communities. IDSP look forward for your continued support in make UCD a strong and sustainable reality.
With blessings and prayers,

Quratul Ain Bakhteari
Director IDSP Pakistan