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Thematic areas

University of community Development has evolved seven thematic programs (Departments). The thematic programs are units with independent curricula, faculty, research and publications, library/resource center, resource generation / mobilization unit and learners and community partnership programs. The Thematic programs are developed around the seven themes identified and finalized by UCD’ National Academic Council in its first meeting October 2011.

The seven Themes of UCD were developed into comprehensive curriculum as a result of two years regular consultation with UCD faculty, Members of UCD Academic council and other experts of the relevant fields. The themes are delivered during the six month theoretical phase of one year community development studies course of UCD. The approach of theme delivery is dialogue based, participatory and facilitation oriented rather thanlecturing.

  1. Self-Growth and Development
  2. Framework/lens
  3. Educational and critical pedagogy
  4. Political Economy
  5. History Regions and Resistance
  6. Media Representation and hegemony
  7. Environment and sustainable living

The above Themesare developed into full-fledged thematic programs covering overarching aspects of the respective theme’s philosophy, concept, and approach. The Thematic Programs form the core of UCDwith independent curriculum, faculty, research and publication unit, resource generation and mobilization component, and learners, resource center/ and learners and community partnership program. The thematic programs are the core of UCD around which the entire concept and philosophy of learning is revolving.

Each thematic program maintains its own faculty for the delivery of respective thematic curriculum during the courses; research and publication unit for conducting research related to themes and supervising learners practices/researches. Thematic programs also maintains publication units that publish reports, researches, articles related to the theme produce thematic publication and contribute to the UCD’s major publications in the areas concerning the theme.

Each thematic program maintains resource generation and mobilization unit that continuously explores, identify and generate proposals, funds and other financial needs to ensure the financial sustainability of the thematic programs in particular and the and core UCD activities in general. The unit also evolves fund raising strategies for generation of funds.

The thematic program resource center/library is a unit that keeps the files of thematic faculty and learners,researches,publications,books, reading material, movies, documentary films and other important materials around the respective programs.

Another important unit of thethematic Program is learners and community partnership program that engages the learners and their communities during their field practice/researches of the course and after their graduation or further enrollment as fellows (intellectual entrepreneurs/social entrepreneurs) or members of larger web of learners.