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Academic Council

Academic Council is an advisory and consultative body aimed to provide academic and intellectual advice and input in curriculum making, setting standards and courses designing of UCD. The Council consists of 15 members who are renowned intellectual, academic practitioners and activists at national and international levels.

First Meeting of Academic Council:

First meeting of the UC was convened in Islamabad in December 2011. The meeting was aimed to finalize members and designation of the council; share IDSP’s philosophy, ideas, experiences courses and work. The outcomes of the meetings were as follows Members and designations of the UC were finalized:

  1. AsadFarooq: Academician cum Activist from Lahore
  2. AasimSajjadAkhtar :intellectual/activist/writer from Islamabad
  3. Sajjda Vandal: Artist/architect from Lahore
  4. Mahwish Ahmed: Academician cum Activist from Lahore
  5. Dr. IjazKhattak : Academician/Educationalist from Peshawar
  6. KhadimHussain : Academician cum Activist from Peshawar
  7. BehramGhauri : Academician/Activist from Balochistan
  8. Dr . Shah Mohammad Marri writer/Activist from Balochistan (Chair Perso
  9. Dr. QuratulainBakhteari: Practitioner IDSP – Pakistan
  10. NazishBrohi: Researcher/writer from Karachi
  11. MushtaaqGaadi writer/ activist from Taunsa Sharif South Punjab
  12. Dr Tariq Rehman: Academician/writer from Islamabad
  13. PervaizHoudbouy: writer/Activist from Islamabad
  14. Amar Sindhu: Writer/ Activist Sindh (co-chairperson)
  15. WasifRizvi, The founder of Alhabi University
  16. Sadiq khan (Secretary A.C)
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Dr. Shah Mohammad Marri
Writer/Activist from Balochistan
(Chair Person A.C)
Dr. Amar Sindhu
Writer/ Activist Sindh
(Co-chair person A.C)
Dr. Ijaz Khattak
Academician/Educationalist from Peshawar
(Member A.C)
Dr. Tariq Rehman
Academician/Writer from Islamabad
 (Member A.C)
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Nazish Brohi
Researcher/Writer from Karachi
(Member A.C)
Mahvish Ahmed
Academician cum Activist from Lahore
(Member A.C)
Prof. Behram Ghauri
Academician/Activist from Balochistan
(Member A.C)
Dr. Khadim Hussain
Academician cum Activist from Peshawar
(Member A.C)
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Asad Farooq
Academician cum Activist from Lahore
(Member A.C)
Dr. Quratulain Bakhteari
Practitioner IDSP – Pakistan
(Member A.C)
Pervaiz Houdbouy
Writer/Activist from Islamabad
(Member A.C)
Mushtaq Gadi
Writer/ Activist from  Taunsa  Sharif South   Punjab
(Member A.C)
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Aasim Sajjad Akhtar
Intellectual/Aactivist/Writer from Islamabad
(Member A.C)
Sajjda Vandal
Artist/Aarchitect from Lahore
(Member A.C)
Mr. Wasif Akbar Rizvi
Intellectual/Educationist Karachi
(Member A.C)