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Background to Evolution of University of Community Development:

To begin, with university of community Development is the natural evolution of Institute for Development studies and practices (IDSP) thirteen years practices, experiences, lessons, evaluations, research and studies. Since its inception in 1998 IDSP’ is an open learning space for the excluded and marginalized youth of the country where theory and practice/research based courses are conducted to create a rich human resource of social and intellectual entrepreneurs.

IDSP’s foundations were laid with the idea of creating a people, knowledge and practice/research centric university of community Development. The knowledge is aimed for practice and hence, the course covers both the theory and practice/research. The Theory and practice based course are knitted into a conceptual framework that starts from self, family, community and expands to the world at large. IDSP’s more than a decade experience with conducting these courses has organically evolved into the establishment of University of community Development (UCD).

The University is based and established on the belief that it is a space of learning; practice/research where knowledge is acquired, exchanged and disseminated and hence qualifies to claim itself as a University. UCD doesn’t award formalcertificates or credentials nor does it recognize one, especially as eligibility standards for enrolling the learners (students) for different levels of UCD courses. The university however, maintains a very strong and standardized eligibility criterion for its faculty and learners. The faculty members and top management is assessed and recruited on the basis of their harmony with and understanding of and commitment to practice UCD’s core philosophyand approach. Similarly, the potential learners for different levels of university courses are selected on the basis of their ingenuity, creative and critical thinking skills and having a strong idea and commitment to social change of her/his community/area.