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Organization Chart of UCD:

The above chart gives the UCD five years learning model with the necessary entry and exit points for different levels of courses that it conducts at village, community college and at UCD regional campus in Quetta. These courses are designed, developed, conducted and supervised by UCD core thematic programs that also serve as core departments of UCD.

The UCD model creating systems of learning (CSL) provides the basic framework of learning at UCD. The CSL is a five years learning model that divides UCD course into two major categories. The first category of two years learning, literacy and skill development course is titled transformative citizenship program (TCP). The TCP caters the un-schooled, drop outs adolescents between the ages of 9 to 18 at UCD community learning spaces and community colleges. The two years TCP program is further divided into segments of literacy, life skills, and vocational training for creating dignified living with commitment to social change for those who are living on the margins and excluded by (design)from the mainstream formal education system.

The second category of course is one year theory and practice based development studies course at UCD’s regional Campus in Hanna valley of Quetta. The course is designed for the young and youth between the ages of 18 to 35 and is aimed creating cadres of young intellectual and social entrepreneurs. The graduates of the course have multiple choices before them to initiate at the conclusion of the course. They gradates either joins their communities as intellectual entrepreneurs (citizen scholars) applying their knowledge to practice their ideas of change or start up social ventures as social entrepreneurs for larger social change initiative.

The University awards the two sets of fellowships (seed money/financial support) for a maximum period of two years to the learners who are best suited for their tasks. The fellowships are decided by a panel of UCD core faculty, members of Academic council, experts of relevant field and representatives of community, after a very thorough assessment of learners one year’s performance during the course. The two years fellowship concludes the five years learning model of UCD and the learners are expected to start their independent initiatives and join the larger group of UCD alumni as member of fellows’ council of UCD or even join as UCD core staff. The learners who are unable to make it to the fellowship stage of UCD quits and join the web of learners of UCD.