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Partnership Program


                 Learners and Community Partnership Program is one of the core programs of UCD aiming to strengthen UCD learners conceptually and enable them to work with their communities. This was the main idea behind the establishment of LCPP that rationalized to prepare a clear and customized strategy, which will enable UCD to streamline its interactions, networking, support, assistance, correspondence, collaborations and other types of engagement with wide range of UCD learners. The learners and community partnership program has planned to engage learners in their communities and provide technical, conceptual, logistical and financial assistance to the learners to build learning and action based partnership with communities for a positive social, political and economic change.

Learner’s council and fellow’s councils:

                 IDSP is working to have a council for its fellows and council for its graduate learners across the country. Initial work has been completed in this regards. The purpose of these councils is to provide a platform to the graduated learners and fellows and give a positive direction to the energies and potentials of young people and positively mold their collective energies to work for a grater socio, economic and political change in society. Through this platform the fellows and the graduated learners represent their district at one hand and at the other hand they will become as one unit in order to raise their collective voice in their native areas to ensure a wider response to the socio economic and political situation on different levels.

Community Colleges of UCD:

                 The University of Community Development has established its Community Colleges in various districts of Balochistan. Community Colleges are the second and at the mid of UCD’s physical hierarchal structure. Due to the current situation of law and orders Community College of District Khuzdar and Mastung have been closed. Community College Loralai, Nushki, Sibi and Lasbela have been successfully facilitating the respective communities during the entire reporting period. The Community Colleges offer one year courses of “Transformative Citizenship and Social Entrepreneurships” that improve the intellectual capabilities and technical & vocational skills of youth in respective districts of Balochistan. During the year 2012, UCD has organized a one year capacity development course for the faculty of Community Colleges around the seven themes of UCD. The purpose of this course was to enhance the intellectual and technical capabilities of district faculty that will help them in conducting the course for “Transformative Citizenship and Social Entrepreneurships” at district level. Each theme was delivered in cycle of one month in which five days for specific themes were rotated. Besides these UCD has invited well recognized intellectuals and academicians as resource persons from all over the country. UCD has also organized a country wide study tour and organized thematic sessions with renowned intellectuals from all over the country.

Community Learning Centers:

                  The Community Learning Centers are the third and the lowest in the physical hierarchal structure of UCD. During the initial phase of UCD, there were 100 Community Learning Centers of UCD in five districts of Balochistan: District Loralai, Khuzdar, Sibi, Nushki and Lasbela District. UCD has organized an extensive evaluation of its Community Learning Centers and evaluated the whole CLCs of UCD. Based on the evaluation, UCD has finalized 46 CLCs in the respective districts of Balochistan. The Community Learning Centers offer courses of “Community Based Indigenous and Critical Learning” for the adolescents of more than 46 communities of Balochistan. These are the fundamental and entry point’s courses of UCD. The Community Learning Center’s faculty/ instructors are responsible to deliver the Community Based Indigenous and Critical Learning courses at village level. They use the innovative pedagogy of decoding that have been created and tested by UCD. The pedagogy of UCD links the learning with life realities of the learners.

These CLCs are self sustained and independently retained by the instructors. The social status of the instructors is like a community leader. They are facilitating the whole community besides organizing weekly seminars and workshops on various topics at village level.

Program for Creating Organizational Systems:
Creating Organizational System is one of the core programs of UCD - IDSP. The program is aimed to develop the Monitoring & Evaluation and Management Information System of UCD - IDSP. Monitoring and Evaluation is strategically linked to the objective of ensuring that the programs and projects produce results that lead towards sustainable benefit for the target groups and the larger communities of which they are a part. A training to build capacity of staff in the related field was organized in May 2012. The program includes establishment of Management Information System (MIS) which would be linked to M&E. The training in MIS was organized from 27 April to 20 May 2012. The program also focuses to enhance the administration, HR and procurement systems of UCD IDSP.